Our Sustainability Vision

Packaging is cool. But what's really cool is our planet.

That's why we are striving to help the world find more sustainable paper and packaging solutions. Solutions that not only look amazing and function better, but help to keep our Earth breathing and regenerating.

Stone Paper is such a revolutionary product that making a difference has never been more achievable.

Our Stone Paper is made from a resource that is incredibly plentiful and considered a waste product in other industries, relieving the burden on our precious forests and freshwater supplies...

Introducing Stone Paper - The paper for tomorrow, today.



How does Stone Paper stack up against regular pulp paper?

These are just some of the environmental benefits when producing one metric tonne of Stone Paper compared with traditional pulp paper.

Stone Paper Verses Pulp Paper

Stone Paper - The paper for tomorrow, today.

The innovative & revolutionary paper made from stone.

Developed over the last 15 years with an investment over $1.5 Billion dollars in research and new technology. Now patented in over 40 countries. Stone Paper is the world’s most sustainable and environmentally friendly paper.


Zero trees.  

As we like to say - “trees have better things to do”.

One of those things is fighting the battle against greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere.

We don't have to tell you how vital our forests are to our world and how endangered they are in the present day. Extensive deforestation is without a doubt having a deep effect on climate change.

Any product that requires the harvesting of trees has a carbon footprint. So the fact that the production of Stone Paper helps to preserve forests worldwide, shouldn't be taken lightly.

Stone Paper replaces the need to use some of Earth's most precious resources.


Made from waste, recyclable and renewable materials

Stone Paper consists of 80% crushed stone (Calcium Carbonate, CaC03). This is retrieved from quarry waste and industry offcuts which would normally go to landfill. It's crushed into a fine powder and bound together with a non-toxic PE resin.

The PE resin which is approximately 20% of the paper is entirely non-toxic, photodegradable, 100% recyclable and commercially compostable.  

Calcium carbonate is ubiquitous in nature and is continuously renewed and replenished by nature through means of natural cycles in rivers, lakes and oceans.


Zero water. And still zero toxins.

Not only is Stone Paper a tree free product, its production requires zero water. In fact, compared with producing 1 metric ton of pulp paper, Stone Paper saves approximately 7480 gallons of fresh water.

Requires no acid or bleach; Stone Paper gets its white colour from the high concentration of calcium carbonate which is naturally white. Hence we are not polluting the air, rivers and drinking water reserves with any harmful chemicals.

Furthermore, Stone Paper requires only electricity for its production - using only half the energy when compared to making virgin pulp paper and only one third the energy when compared to making recycled pulp paper. 

Stone Paper is produced with minimal consequences to the environment.


100% Recyclable - a seriously convenient and necessary solution. 

Stone Paper is 100% recyclable and uses the common 'Number 2' code. 

Recycling is the best implemented and sustainable waste management system, helping to conserve precious resources. When we recycle, used materials are converted into new products, reducing the need to consume natural resources.

Stone Paper can be recycled an infinite number of times - to produce more Stone Paper with minimal impact to the environment. (Unlike pulp paper which can only be recycled 6-7 times and each time more virgin pulp paper fibres must be added i.e. more trees must be cut down).

Stone Paper is made up of a small amount (20%) of non-toxic HDPE resin. This is why it's in its rightful place with 'Number 2' recycling.



Left in sunlight Stone Paper will degrade in only 12 months! 

Keen to know more? This is the basic process; If left outdoors, the sun’s strong UV rays will harden our Stone Paper like an eggshell. Within 12 months the PE converts to 1.7 parts per million of Nitrous Oxide and 70 parts per million of Carbon Monoxide, leaving behind only stone dust (calcium carbonate). Completely natural and non-toxic. From the earth, returned to the earth. 

What if Stone Paper becomes buried in a landfill away from direct sunlight? The sun's UV rays will penetrate to a certain depth and still break down the PE - at a slower rate. Because of its non-toxic properties, Stone Paper wont cause any harm to the earth, water or any organisms. Should Stone Paper become buried below a certain depth indefinitely, it is unlikely that it will degrade.


Commercially Compostable

Stone Paper is not only recyclable and photodegradable, it's also commercially compostable.

Commercial composting facilities carefully manage the moisture and temperature levels during the composting process, breaking down the PE resin and leaving behind stone dust. 


Environmentally Friendly & Non-Toxic Inks

We use Soy or Water based inks when we print on Stone Paper products.

Soy and Water based inks are a non-toxic and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional oil-based inks.




Our Environmental Credentials

Stone Paper Packaging uses premium Rockstock paper.

Rockstock has been given NZ's most prestigious environmental award - The Environmental Choice. 

But it doesn't end there; we can say with full verification that our Stone Paper passes some of the toughest international regulations and examinations.

Thus proving it's at the absolute top in terms of environmental sustainability and preferability.



Environmental Choice New Zealand

New Zealand's official environmental label; indicating overall environmental preferability of a product or service within a particular product category based on life cycle considerations.

It is the only label in New Zealand recognised by the Global Eco-labelling Network Internationally as an absolutely trustworthy proof of environmental preferability.

Our Rockstock Stone Paper has the Environmental Choice award in two categories: 'Packaging & Paperboard' and 'Office Paper & Stationery'.


Energy Globe Award

The Energy Globe Award is today's most prestigious environmental prize worldwide, with more than 170 participating countries and over 1500 project submissions annually.

It distinguishes projects regionally, nationally and globally that conserve energy and utilise renewable or emission-free sources.


ROHS & REACH Certification

These are two very highly regarded scientific examination standards recognised globally.

The ROHS directive tests for any hazardous substances, while REACH addresses the production and use of chemical substances, and their potential impacts on both human health and the environment. 

Our results are flawless; no chemicals, heavy metals or minerals listed known to be dangerous to humans or the environment are detected.


FDA Approved

This is all about being approved as food grade; an important requirement when choosing a food packaging solution.

Stone Paper is FDA Compliant for the code of Federal Regulations with respect to soluble and extractable matter as an environmental paper and food-grade suitability.


Cradle to Cradle

The Cradle to Cradle Certified™ mark provides consumers, regulators, employees, and industry peers with a clear, visible, and tangible validation of a manufacturer’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and to their communities.

The Certification is a multi-attribute eco-label that assesses a product’s safety to humans and the environment and design for future life cycles.

The materials and manufacturing practices of each product are assessed in five categories: Material Health, Material Reutilisation, Renewable Energy Use, Water Stewardship, and Social Responsibility.


ISO 14001 & 9001 Accreditation

Our Stone Paper Mill where we source our paper has achieved both ISO 14001 & 9001 accreditation. 

Essentially ISO 14001 validates a very high standard of environmental management by assessing how our operations negatively affect the environment. 

ISO 9001 deals with the fundamentals of quality management systems and ensures that statutory and regulatory requirement are met. 

Both accreditations are similar in that they both pertain to the process of how a product is produced rather than to the product itself. 



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