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Packaging made from Stone.

A revolutionary new technology

for sustainable businesses.



What is Stone Paper?


This revolutionary paper is made from 80% recycled stone (retrieved from quarry waste and industry offcuts which would normally go to landfill) that is bound together by a non-toxic HDPE resin, to form a sustainable and luxurious matte textured paper.

All the while leaving the Earth's natural water supplies and forests to do what they do best.





100% Recyclable

Commercially Compostable

Commercially compostable

Zero Water Used in production

Zero water used in production

Certified Earth Friendly

Certified earth friendly

No Acid or Toxins

No acid or toxins

Waste Free

Waste free



Tree Free

100% tree free


Our environmental credentials

Stone Paper Packaging uses premium Rockstock paper. Rockstock has been given NZ's most prestigious environmental award - The Environmental Choice.

Environmental Choice NZ Office Paper & Stationery
Environmental Choice NZ Packaging & Paperboard

This is in two key categories; 'office paper & stationery' and 'packaging & paperboard'.


In addition, it's the only label in NZ recognised by the Global Eco-labelling Network Internationally, as absolutely trustworthy proof of environmental preferability. Nice one!



A few of the brands worldwide who trust Stone Paper

These are just a taste of the brands that currently make use of the revolutionary Stone Paper as a part of their stand for environmental reform. 



Still wondering how this all works? 

This video will give you a quick rundown of how Stone Paper is made and just why we believe it's the future for the entire packaging industry. 



Ready to get started?

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