Food Pouches

Our Food Pouches are made by combining superior packaging technologies with revolutionary new Stone Paper. This ensures your food stays fresh while offering customers a sustainable packaging experience. Made from 55% recycled stone, these bags are 100% recyclable in NZ and Australian Soft Plastics Recycling programs:

Love NZ Soft Plastics Recycling:

REDcycle Australia:

Product Comparisons

Plastic pouches: 

  • Our Stone Paper Pouches use significantly less resin than standard full resin pouches.

Pulp Paper + PE pouches:

  • Millions end up in landfill every year due to their fused layers of paper and plastic. When paper degrades in landfill it releases methane - a greenhouse gas 25 times more potent than C02 as a heat-trapping gas).

These are just some of the environmental benefits when producing one metric tonne of Stone Paper compared with traditional pulp paper:

  • 20 trees not cut down

  • 900 KGs CO2 emissions prevented

  • 59,272 litres of water saved

  • 16.3 million BTUs of energy saved

  • 150 KGs solid waste not generated

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Product Benefits


FDA Food Grade

Strong & Durable

Strong & durable

Custom Design

Custom Design

Superior Printing

Superior Printing

Luxurious Feel

Luxurious Feel

Naturally White

Naturally White


Environmental Benefits


55% Recycled Stone 


100% Recyclable 


100% Foil Free

Tree Free

100% Tree Free


Need a quick rundown on Stone Paper?

Stone Paper is exactly as it sounds: paper made from stone. It’s 80% recycled stone (retrieved from quarry waste and industry offcuts which would normally go to landfill) that is bound together by a non-toxic and 100% recyclable HDPE resin. The result is a sustainable and luxurious matte textured paper. No trees or water are used in its production, leaving the Earth's natural resources to do what they do best. 



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