Food Pouches

Our Stone Paper Food Pouches are made by combining our revolutionary Stone Paper technology with traditional packaging practices. This process ensures our bags maintain their recyclability, thus providing a premium and sustainable pouch. We can also provide full barrier protection for extended shelf life,  simply let us know your requirements below!

FDA Food Grade Approved, Freezer Grade, Waterproof, Greaseproof, Heat-sealable, 100% Recyclable.

Plastic pouches: 

  • Our Stone Paper Pouches use significantly less resin than standard full resin pouches, lessening our reliance on fossil fuels. Plus, our pouches are comparatively already 80% degraded due to their calcium carbonate (crushed stone) content.

Pulp Paper + PE pouches:

  • Millions end up in landfill every year due to their fused layers of paper and plastic. When paper degrades in landfill it releases methane - a greenhouse gas 25 times more potent than C02 as a heat-trapping gas).

These are just some of the environmental benefits when producing one metric tonne of Stone Paper compared with traditional pulp paper:

  • 20 trees not cut down

  • 900 KGs CO2 emissions prevented

  • 59,272 litres of water saved

  • 16.3 million BTUs of energy saved

  • 150 KGs solid waste not generated

What happens if our pouches end up in landfill?

While waste management infrastructure is not always perfect, should our pouches end up in landfill they will have a much lower environmental impact then full resin and pulp paper pouches available on the market. Some of our features include being non-toxic, wont release methane gas and you will still receive all of the upstream benefits of Stone Paper. Plus, they are comparatively already 80% degraded due to their crushed stone content, which was bound for landfill anyway!




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Product Benefits


FDA Food Grade

Strong & Durable

Strong & durable

Custom Design

Custom Design

Superior Printing

Superior Printing

Luxurious Feel

Luxurious Feel

Naturally White

Naturally White


Stone Paper's natural attributes make it the perfect material for premium food pouch bags; natural strength and a waterproof quality ensure that it's better equipped for the job. As its colour palate is naturally white (calcium carbonate), Stone Paper prints beautifully and ensures no chemicals are required to give an elegant and luxurious finish. 


Environmental Benefits


80% Crushed Stone 


100% Recyclable 


100% Foil Free

Tree Free

100% Tree Free


Need a quick rundown on Stone Paper?

Well fair enough; it is in fact a very new and revolutionary technology in the world of paper and packaging!

Stone Paper is exactly as it sounds: paper made from stone. In fact it's 80% crushed stone (calcium carbonate) that is bound together by a non-toxic and fully recyclable HDPE resin, to create a luxurious, matte-finished paper. No trees or water are used in its production, leaving the Earth's natural resources to do what they do best. 

Our paper can be recycled an infinite amount of times, can be commercially composted and will photodegrade into stone dust if left in direct sunlight. Being 100% non-toxic and by using only soy or water based inks we are proud to state that this is the future of sustainable packaging.




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